"The seed of a higher house price is planted in your garden" - Independent on Sunday

Garden Design - Pricing

This is the page you won’t find on a lot of garden designers websites!

That’s because it is very difficult to give an answer.

The variables affecting design price are:

Design can be priced as a percentage of overall build cost (as with architects) or quoted for as lump sums for individual items or an hourly rate for work undertaken. I usually quote lump sums for design work and an hourly rate for time on site

When I come to see you and have assessed your garden and your wishes I will be able to give you a clear idea as to what my charges will be for the different design services you require. These will be given to you, in writing, before you commit to any expenditure. It will be very clear as to what each item includes.

All design work charges include alterations and amendments needed to hone the design until it meets your brief to your complete satisfaction.

The “starts from” cost of a concept plan for a very small, very simple garden is £300. 

Planting plans start from £250.  (Summer 2011)