"It isn't that I don't like sweet disorder, but it has to be judiciously arranged." - Vita Sackville West

Garden Design Services

I offer the full range of services that you would expect from a professional garden designer. It’s a “pick and mix” bar, I will do as much or as little as you want. I am happy to simply do a master plan and leave you to build it yourselves or to do a planting plan for an existing bed. Whatever I do I will give you an attentive professional service and be available for phone queries at no additional charge.

Consultation and Briefing

Before I can begin to design your garden I need to fully understand your wishes, needs and taste. I use a questionnaire as an aide memoire but usually the discussion ranges far and wide as I work to understand exactly how you want to use your garden, what constraints there are and what your likes and dislikes are.

Garden Survey

The Design needs to fit into the space! So the space has to be accurately measured, including levels, orientation and the location of anything that will affect the design - from drains to trees. If the garden is not too enormous or full of nettles and brambles I like to do it myself as it is a really good way of getting a full understanding of the site.  For larger gardens professional surveyors can be called in.

Concept Design/Masterplan

This is the overall plan for the new garden showing how the whole space will be used. I will bring it to you and help you to understand it. If you feel it does not meet your brief I will redraw/alter it until you are happy and have a design that you want to implement.

Specification & Construction Drawings

The Master plan is only the beginning. For a contractor to be able to build it correctly they will need a construction drawing specifying exactly the way in which it is to be built and the materials which are to be used. This means you can get several contractors to quote for building the garden and know they are all pricing for the same thing.

Construction Supervision

If required I can visit the site at various agreed points during the build to check all is going according to plan and deal with any queries that arise. Of course I am always available for phone consultation for no additional charge.

Planting Plan

Those beds need filling and the trees and shrubs need choosing! I love plants and have plenty of experience as to which are best suited to each type of location. Again I will talk to you about your preferences and discuss colour schemes before proceeding with the plan and talk you through it on completion. If there is a plant you don’t like I will find a substitute that you do.

Plant Supply & Placing

If I do a planting plan I always quote to supply the plants, this includes me coming to lay them out where they should go ready for planting. Usually the cost of the plants including the setting out service is no more than if you were to acquire them yourself from regular nurseries and you don’t have the hassle of running around trying to find the more unusual ones. The plants I supply are of good quality and I can also obtain larger specimens if you want a more immediate impact. If a plant on the plan turns out to be unavailable I can select an appropriate substitute that still fits within the overall scheme.

Maintenance schedule
Once the garden is constructed and planted you need to keep it looking beautiful. A maintenance schedule will tell you what you, or your gardener, need to do to which plants when to retain the garden’s beauty as it matures.

Furniture & Ornament Sourcing
Benches, chairs, tables, loungers, fountains, pots, sculptures, sundials, bird feeders … if it’s garden related I’ll help you to find it! Of course a lot of people like to do this themselves and just need pointing in the right direction but if you are really busy this could be a useful service.

Relaxing & Enjoying your Garden

That’s the bit you have to do yourself! Hopefully all the stages above will have made it really easy!