Garden from above Front garden Seating area Playhouse Planting Fern & hosta Master plan Planting plan
Garden from above Front garden Seating area Playhouse Planting Fern & hosta Master plan Planting plan
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Hampstead, Garden Suburb

When the client first called me in, at a friend’s recommendation, she just wanted some help with the planting in her back garden.  It was a medium sized square plot with one side adjacent to the road edged by a raised bed and straight borders along the back and other side around the square lawn. There was already an attractive terrace which opened out into a circular area to accommodate a table and chairs. Client wanted to create more interest and to find space for a small playhouse for her grandchildren. I persuaded her that we could base the shape of the lawn on a circle rather than a square (echoing the seating area) and use the corners to create additional interest. This immediately made the garden feel larger and more interesting as you don’t see the whole area immediately and have a sense of places to explore. In the right hand corner a playhouse is an exciting place for grandchildren to play imaginatively partly hidden from adult eyes. The shady left has a circle of ferns and hostas clustered around a tree fern. The Client loves her garden – so do the rest of the family!

A few years later she called me back to help redesign and replant a bed at the front along a path leading to the garage. The obelisks with climbers give compact height and added colour.

What the client said

Miriam transformed my garden from a banal, uninteresting, colourless patch into a magical place that brings the family endless pleasure. She changed the shape of the lawn, creating concealed paths for the children to explore as well as making a space that is pleasing to the eye. She planted a variety of shrubs which are easy to maintain and which provide different colours, textures and sizes throughout the year.

I am always excited when Spring arrives as it means endless happy hours in our beautiful garden. Being an amateur gardener, it is reassuring to speak to Miriam as she is ready to advise, help or just calm my insecurities.
The garden has been much admired by friends, but more importantly provides the family with a peaceful refuge. It is constantly evolving with Miriam's help, which means there are still unexpected pleasures in store.
Miriam's detailed plans and her reasonable fees are an additional attraction!