"A garden without its statue is like a sentence without its verb." - Joseph W. Beach

Client Testimonials

Miriam designed our gardens to suit our specific needs......both of us are into our 8th decade!   She did so exactly and completed the project on time and to our budget!   We bought a derelict end of terrace cottage of which the front and rear lawned gardens had not been tended for some years.   Our requirements were for largely paved areas surrounded by shrubs and flowers to provide colour, scents and interest throughout the year.   We wanted the rear garden to be an extension of our living room which opens directly onto it and the front garden to provide hard standing for car parking without our car dominating the front of our home. Above all we wanted it to be 'low maintenance.

Miriam achieved all of our objectives which included attractive border fencing, a water feature, Summer House and division of the rear garden by a living divider into two 'rooms'.   As a result of her clever grading of the front garden and the maturing of the shrubs and plants which she selected 6 years ago, the parked car is hardly noticeable!  The gardener we have employed since spends about half a day each month to tidy up, prune as necessary and replace the odd overgrown or failing plant or shrub.

We have recommended Miriam to friends who have been delighted with her services.

Miriam Book designed our front garden, using plants that would make the most of the space and that were appropriate for the soil and salty air.   Consequently, the garden is thriving and we have had a lot of positive comments from visitors and passers-by!  

We are very pleased with the design and would not hesitate to recommend Miriam.

I am delighted to confirm that some five years ago, you landscaped my substantial garden and the design was so effective that we have had numerous comments about the quality of the layout.  The pleasure it gives is enormous and the garden is one which we could proudly present to the public and probably should open during the Summer Garden Openings for charity.

The plants have taken well, and the garden looks so established that it is amazing how quickly the plants have integrated.

I thank you so much for your design which has given us great pleasure

Miriam transformed my garden from a banal, uninteresting, colourless patch into a magical place that brings the family endless pleasure. She changed the shape of the lawn, creating concealed paths for the children to explore as well as making a space that is pleasing to the eye. She planted a variety of shrubs which are easy to maintain and which provide different colours, textures and sizes throughout the year.

I am always excited when Spring arrives as it means endless happy hours in our beautiful garden. Being an amateur gardener, it is reassuring to speak to Miriam as she is ready to advise, help or just calm my insecurities.

The garden has been much admired by friends, but more importantly provides the family with a peaceful refuge. It is constantly evolving with Miriam's help, which means there are still unexpected pleasures in store.

Miriam's detailed plans and her reasonable fees are an additional attraction!

Miriam Book redesigned my garden 5 years ago. Her design was innovative and very user friendly, she listened exactly to my wishes and ideas. The garden has now matured, the pond is a haven for wildlife, as well as fish, and the whole garden is beautiful to look at, and we love it! I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone considering using her services, she is extremely professional, and her designs are excellent!

We moved into a house five years ago where the garden was in a terrible condition. It fact this could have been one of the reason why we might not have bought the house, but we did, and the garden was an enormous challenge. We called on a few garden designers, none of which had an answer. We were recommended to Miriam Book.Miriam presented us with a design which was clever and attractive and dealt with all the difficulties. The garden is exquisitely planted and has matured beautifully and we get a lot of pleasure out of it.

“Miriam designed an imaginative and interesting garden for us which has given all members of our family endless pleasure throughout the year – such a change from the boring rectangle of lawn and narrow flower borders that we used to have.”